Class Descriptons

Classic & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance – Zills with Hakim! (Fall 2013/Winter 2014)

Mixed level for beginning to advanced dancers. Class will feature a zill routine with Hakim and Tribal Fusion combinations. See more about different styles in About Belly Dance.

Sword, Zills, & Tribal Fusion Drills (Winter/Spring 2014)

This is an intermediate to advanced class that will advance your zill playing, teach a classic style sword routine, and build strength and precision with challenging Tribal Fusion combinations. You will need finger cymbals and knee pads for optional floor work section.

American Tribal Style ®* Belly Dance – Level 1 Dance Fundamentals (ongoing)
6 Week Agenda Here

Learn the beauty of American Tribal Style Belly Dance (ATS), a dynamic “lead and follow” improvisational form. Learn the foundational movements and drill the basics in partner formations unique to ATS. Using both slow movements and fast steps, we’ll get you dancing if your first class! The six week cycle repeats. You can follow the format progressively or just drop in. If you miss the beginning of the current course, you are still welcome to drop in. Please arrive on time. Most students need to take the 6 week basics twice before being prepared for Level 2 Tribal Combinations. Whenever a class session is longer than 6 weeks, the additional classes will review and practice lead & follow.

American Tribal Style ®* Belly Dance – Level 2 Tribal Combinations (ongoing)
12 Week Agenda Here

Refine individual technique by drilling basic steps and their variations in creative combinations. Level One Fundamentals required before taking this class. Basic steps covered in L1 are not covered in L2. The twelve week cycle repeats and you can start any time. You can follow the format progressively or just drop in.  Read more about American Tribal Style belly dance on the “About” page here.